Contact Registration in Case of Technical Problems

In case of technical problems preventing contact registration through the JGU app, participants’ (students, teaching staff, guests) contact data must be collected on paper. Holding class without contact registration is not permitted!

The following points must be observed:

  • Contact data must be collected in accordance with data protection regulations (such as on single sheets of paper, not on a circulating list)
  • When transferring the data:
    • Single sheets of paper must be compiled into a single file via scan.
    • The contact data must be relayed directly after the class.
    • The subject of the e-mail and the file name must contain the class title, the date, and the lecturer’s name (see examples) – for procedural reasons, files/mails wrongly labeled will have to be returned to the sender to be corrected.
      • Subject: [Type of Course] [Name of Course] on [Date | Time]. Lecturer: [Name of the Lecturer]
      • Example Subject: Lecture_Introduction to Literature on November 10, 2020 | 1:30 pm _Prof. Dr. John Doe
      • File name: [Name of Course] on [Date and Time]. Lecturer: [Name of the Lecturer]
      • Example File Name: Introduction to Literature on November 10, 2020_1:30 pm_Prof. Dr. John Doe.pdf
      • Ideally, the pieces of paper must be destroyed according to data protection regulations after relaying the data, or, at the latest, one month after the class date
  • Zettel müssen bestenfalls im Anschluss an die Übermittlung, spätestens aber einen Monat nach Veranstaltungstermin datenschutzkonform vernichtet werden

The data should be relayed only to: